VideoPR uses the power of storytelling in a VIDEO NEWS FORMAT to engage specifically targeted audiences to create greater awareness and move viewers to immediate action.

With the same strategic purpose of the magazine or newspaper “Advertorial”, a VideoPR news story is EDITORIAL CONTENT. It addresses specific and timely concerns of the audience it targets. It tells a STORY that is current and NEWSWORTHY to the reader. It gives a PERSPECTIVE and OPINIONS on the topic and solicits the input and ADVICE of known experts and pundits on the subject.

VideoPR is used by organizations and companies that wish to elevate their MARKET PROFILE, their BRAND, and create greater interest in their products and services within the industry they operate to regularly keep in front of clients, customers, prospects and competitors.

VideoPR is also a technically INTEGRATED MARKETING PROGRAM that CAPTURES SUBSCRIBERS, builds MARKETING LISTS, responds immediately to requests and inquires, captures and DISTRIBUTES LEADS and sales inquiries back into the organization, immediately, and tracks follow up. It’s a powerful LEAD GENERATION program driven by the ENGAGEMENT power and influence of NEWS.

Most importantly VideoPR gives the client company a reason to be in front of their market regularly, because it’s news, it’s interesting to the target and they see it with FREQUENCY.
And that is just GREAT MARKETING!