Create. Engage. Impact.

Strut Media Group is a full-service Internet Design, Production, and Media Management Agency in Vancouver, Canada.

We specialize in designing and producing video and multimedia presentations for Internet and business marketing applications. Most of our work is done here in our 2,000 sq. ft. video production studio in the Yaletown area of Vancouver Canada.

At Strut Media Group, our philosophy is simple. We create. We engage. We impact.

Quality. Efficiency. Credibility.

Our fast turnaround and high-quality projects make it possible to create uniquely branded presentations that minimize cost and maximize impact.

All of our production services are designed to expedite the creation of high-quality video productions giving clients an on-going production resource at an affordable price. This way, clients from all industries can produce video content at their own pace and budget and reap the benefits of the interactive and engaging power of video in their marketing and communications initiatives.

The opportunities at Strut don’t stop there. Our studio is also tricked-out for live TV productions and can accommodate small audiences from 50 to 80 people – making it ideal for webinars, business events, and seminars.

High quality video production adds credibility and engagement to every brand.

We look forward to creating and engaging with you.