Campaign Strategy

. . . . . . . .  Great Campaigns Win Marketing Wars . . . . . . . . . 

What’s Your Campaign Strategy and Plan?

At Strut Media Group we not only help you create engaging video content we also give you the tools to distribute and promote your content far beyond the confines of your website.

After-all what’s the point of creating all that great content if it just sits on your website waiting for someone to find it.

And wars are not won by battles, they are won by well planned, well executed campaigns — a series of tactically coordinated operations intended to achieve a particular objective: Like, “Get you more customers!”

We build automated lead generation programs integrated with best in class SaaS marketing programs to create proactive campaigns that distribute your content, capture inquires, build marketing lists and deliver leads directly to your sales personnel.

It’s All About Integration, Coordination and Automation.
Our lead generation campaigns INTEGRATE with your Social Media assets (which if you don’t have BTW we’ll help you build). Our complete campaign plans usually include the following programs and assets:

1. A custom branded VIDEO NEWS CHANNEL on YouTube to enhance Search Engine Optimization and online visibility

2. Customized UnBounce LANDING PAGES that capture inquires and automate lead management

3. Automated OUTBOUND MAIL CAMPAIGNS  using Active Campaign to manage lists measure campaign metrics