What’s video PR? A fair question. Well first it’s video of course and using the power of that medium to promote… anything. But VideoPR is quite specific. PR of course stands for Public Relations which in short is a communications strategy that is used to promote something in public forums; a company, a product, a cause, or a person… and VideoPR focuses on the individual, YOU, the person.

Why is that important? There are a thousand reasons and if you stay tuned to this blog eventually you’ll hear all of them. Today it’s about Branding.

In business and marketing we talk about branding all the time and a lot of us forget what branding IS, really. So here’s a rule of thumb for you. If/when someone pops the question “What is a Brand?” or What is your brand? Which is a question that amazingly often stumps the very people that are in charge of that brand. Here’s the answer:

“A Brand is a Promise”

What is your brand? It’s a promise you make and keep with your customers, clients, prospects and everyone else.

Once more, A Brand is a Promise.

So what is your personal Brand? We’ll talk about that on the next VideoPR blog I promise.