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KimHeadShot4-200I talk a good deal about personal branding in my writing. At Strut Media Group, I get to meet and interview a lot of business people and learn about their careers and companies. It’s fun and rewarding. The Video News Channels we create and produce for our clients are intended to promote their organizations, and the objective is always a marketing goal; to raise awareness, build the image of the company, get the news out about the company’s activities and drive inquiries.

The most effective interviews – and ones that are the most interesting to watch – are the conversations that go beyond the news of the company and get into the personal insights of the individual delivering the information.

Recently I was talking to a client about doing an Executive Profile for him – a one-on-one Charlie Rose-style interview – and he asked; “Well what would we talk about?”

I gave him a brief response about the format of the program and the PR value of this type of content, not only for his organization but also for his personal brand. Later, I decided to follow up with an email to give him a more in-depth explanation.

Here’s what I wrote:

Dear Friend,
With your many years of experience, you have achieved a deep understanding of your business and the industries and people it serves. It goes beyond the nuts and bolts of what you sell. Your perspective and understanding have a broader context. In these interviews, we like to get the opinions and insights of the individual beyond the mandate of the company they work for.

We like to get personal in a business context. What does your background and life experience bring to the work you do? Do you have any short stories that illustrate and illuminate your perspective on certain issues or the industry in general? What was it like in the past? How has that changed? What does the future hold? What are your hopes and expectations – for the industry, your company, your family and perhaps the solidarity you hold for the rest of the people on the planet we all live on?

The idea is not to get too sentimental of course, but these are the questions that lie behind everything we do in business. It’s these values, perspectives and insights that have an engaging effect on an audience because they go deeper than the profits and bottom lines that business discussions can often dwell on. It’s about telling your story rather than pitching your product or business.

Having this perspective in mind as you think about your interview will keep your thoughts focused and help to guide the direction of the conversation.

I look forward to doing this interview with you. Let’s arrange a time soon.



I have seen how this type of personally delivered content is more engaging, more memorable and more effective as a result. It all comes down to our basic human desire to be remembered. We all want to be remembered and that is, interestingly, the ultimate objective of good marketing.

Be Remembered.

Thank you for your time.

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Business is Personal

You’ve heard this expression before: “You know it’s not personal, it’s just business”

When you here that, the first thing you do know is you’re about to get cheated out of something. It’s a cop out and it’s just plain dumb. Because few things are more personal than your business. What you do for a living is part of who you are. It defines you as a person to a large degree and when someone meets you for the first time, one of the first things they want to know is what you do for a living, because it tells them a lot about you.

And the reverse is also true. When someone is considering investing in your company, buying your service or product they are already well on their way to making a purchase decision. They probably already know a great deal about your company, your services, your products. What they want to know now is, who YOU are. Why?


Don’t make the mistake that many otherwise smart people in business do and say “It’s not about me. Our product, our company speaks for itself” Nonsense! People buy from people. Not companies. Promote yourself and build your own unique personal brand.

Because YOU are your best competitive edge. Business is personal.

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VPR: A Brand Is A Promise

What’s video PR? A fair question. Well first it’s video of course and using the power of that medium to promote… anything. But VideoPR is quite specific. PR of course stands for Public Relations which in short is a communications strategy that is used to promote something in public forums; a company, a product, a cause, or a person… and VideoPR focuses on the individual, YOU, the person.

Why is that important? There are a thousand reasons and if you stay tuned to this blog eventually you’ll hear all of them. Today it’s about Branding.

In business and marketing we talk about branding all the time and a lot of us forget what branding IS, really. So here’s a rule of thumb for you. If/when someone pops the question “What is a Brand?” or What is your brand? Which is a question that amazingly often stumps the very people that are in charge of that brand. Here’s the answer:

“A Brand is a Promise”

What is your brand? It’s a promise you make and keep with your customers, clients, prospects and everyone else.

Once more, A Brand is a Promise.

So what is your personal Brand? We’ll talk about that on the next VideoPR blog I promise.

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